Customer project: "Sandwich conveyor" from the Vetter modular kit

Again and again we are amazed about the applications our customers design with our conveyor series! Our modular kit was particularly suitable as a basis for this application.

The project: Our customer was looking for a solution to transport paper that is to be printed on the conveyor. For this it was necessary to provide additional adhesion on the conveyor belt.

A vacuum function is useful for transporting particularly light goods. Our conventional vacuum conveyor will be provided with several connections through which the customer can connect the intake air.

In this case, our customer had a different solution: The vacuum should be generated by simple case fans, which are placed in the conveyor below the transport belt. In order to create space for the case fans, our customer duplicated the Vetter modular kit conveyor and thus created the required free space. The entire conveyor belt was driven with one motor and one drive wheel. In order to increase the friction, we had the drive wheel additionally coated.

This project once again shows the flexibility of our Vetter small conveyors and the wide range of possible application areas.