From the laboratory: Precise hand over between two conveyors - electronically controlled synchronous operation

We are currently working on a test setup on customer request: The task is the precise hand over between two conveyors through electronically controlled synchronous operation. Each conveyor should have two tracks due to the desired transport width.

The two conveyors are each equipped with separate motors and are configured using a programming adapter for motion controllers (Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & CO. KG). With an additionally connected programmable analog / frequency converter (Motrona GmbH), the two conveyors can be controlled simultaneously by PC.

The drives are first programmed with the "Faulhaber Motion Manager" software. In the drive configuration we set the operating mode to "stepper mode". If speed deviations of the two conveyors can be measured (for example due to different belts), these deviations can first be compensated by setting the step size and number of steps.

The conveyors are then put into operation by entering the desired analog signal, which is applied synchronously to both conveyors. A frequency of 0 means standstill, a value of 5 corresponds to a frequency of 5,000 Hz and thus a speed of 50%.

With the electronically controlled synchronous operation many complex transport tasks can be realized, for example the gap between the two conveyors offers possibilities for the installation of (light) barriers, stoppers, grippers, etc.

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