Vetter invests: new saw/drilling line and paternoster rack system

Now that we have been in our new building for a year, the next investment in our assembly followed:

The new sawing and drilling line from ERWEMA now offers us a processing length of up to 6 m - so we can now obtain the item profiles for our conveyors in appropriate lengths and minimize waste. Once an item profile has been fixed, several orders can be processed in one go. The support table of the saw can be lowered pneumatically to move the saw unit without damaging the material.

In addition to the saw unit, the drilling unit offers us the option of further processing the item profiles directly after sawing.

The sawing and drilling line offers a stable substructure thanks to the solid item aluminum profile construction. Various units can be accommodated via the linear guides (e.g. saw unit, drilling unit).

To store the profiles and sliding plates for our conveyors, we also invested in a paternoster rack system from Seybold + Burka, which is used for loading on the left via the incoming goods area and unloading on the right and thus loading the saw line from behind.