Value-orientated corporate culture

APPRECIATION is written in big letters here and is the basis of our cooperation – no matter whether it’s company management or amongst co-workers, with external partners or in relation to our products, equipment or resources. The basis for this, in turn, is treating ourselves with appreciation and a focus on our values.

One more thing which is important to us:


In the work we do, we bear and take on responsibility – day in, day out. Whether it’s for ourselves and our actions, whether it’s the way we treat the people in our network and other companies, or for the environment.

Personal growth

In our company, it’s isn’t just economic success that counts. We continuously develop ourselves further and support our employees in discovering their strengths and developing further on a personal level.


We stand behind what we say. Commitment for us is the combination of reliability and sincerity as well as mutual respect and empathy – the prerequisites for fair dealings with each other.


Products from Vetter combine the utmost individuality with maximum quality. This is not just evident in our products; the way we work and our organization are marked by quality.


“Nothing endures but change,” said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus about 2,500 years ago. This quote is more pertinent today than ever. We respond to modern requirements with our advanced innovations.

Clear communication

Clear communication – internally within the team as well as externally with our partners – prevents misunderstandings and is just as important as cooperative collaboration and mutual support.