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Precision in a small format

Vetter small conveyors

Our experience - your future

small conveyorsMany years of experience and extensive specialist know-how on conveyor technology help us to uncover application areas at an early stage and develop our conveyors with a view to the future. We orientate ourselves towards your requirements and gladly take on new challenges.

Qualified personnel

Take advantage of our competent advice and reliable service:

  • highly qualified contact persons
  • dependability, short delivery times and adherence to schedules
  • cooperative relationships with our customers
  • high flexibility during development

We align ourselves to your needs and carry out precise, customised construction according to your requirements.

Our history

The VETTER engineering office was founded in 1989 by the freelance engineer and designer Otto Vetter.

Medaille In September 1993, Vetter won a silver medal at the Inventors’ Trade Show for his “motorless conveyor". In April 1994, he once again won a silver medal for his “motorless conveyor” at the Inventors’ Trade Show at Geneva.

Vetter’s real success story began at the Motek in September 1994. It was here that the engineer first introduced the FR-40-80 conveyor from which he later developed the small conveyor series.

Demands to fulfil orders from abroad came quickly. Agencies were established Europe-wide.

Today Vetter envisages reducing the size of the belts in the future. Innovations such as the miniature conveyor FR-12-20, the smallest conveyor in the world with an internal drive, provide proof of this viewpoint.

Vetter conveyors Q-series now availyble for the food- and pharmaindustry...
on the edge - roller diameter 5 mm!
Vetter mini conveyors of the FR-20-20-M and BK series now available with knife edge - roller diameter of 5 mm!