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Precision in a small format

The strength lies in the integration

Small conveyors for universal applications

Compact and without any disturbing contours: Vetter small conveyors will win you over with their high-quality, cleverly integrated, powerful motors.

Whether stand-alone or in multiple rows; with internal drive, transverse drive or middle drive - our conveyors are available in different versions and can be easily integrated into existing automation systems. For specific requirements take advantage of our conveyor construction kit system and put together your customised conveyor from a combination of standard components.

Examples of type designations



Your competitive edge with our small conveyors

  • our small conveyors’ unique selling propositions: cleverly integrated motors in those models with internal motors
  • powerful motors and the service-free operation of the belts ensure a smooth material flow for your automation system
  • flexible construction: different versions with various heights, widths, lengths, speeds, with or without controllers
  • customised solutions with different standard components in the conveyor construction kit system
  • standard components for our conveyors available in all sizes
  • reliable service: overhauling of equipment and repairs on our premises
  • Europe-wide partner network
Vetter conveyors Q-series now availyble for the food- and pharmaindustry...
on the edge - roller diameter 5 mm!
Vetter mini conveyors of the FR-20-20-M and BK series now available with knife edge - roller diameter of 5 mm!