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Precision in a small format

Internal drives for external flexibility

Simply convincing

Kleinförderband mit innenliegendem AntriebPopular and versatile: our small conveyor with internal drive is powerful and simple to integrate into existing automation systems..


Whether in industry, pharmaceutics or solar cell manufacturing, whether for transporting screws or lipstick or precious stones– our belts bring everything that is small, securely to their destination.

The FR-12-20 is completely new within this product group – the smallest conveyor in the world with internal drive.

Your advantages

  • internal drive
    - compact and no disturbing contours
    - simple construction and simple integration into existing systems
  •  Use of item aluminium profiles   
    - simple installation in existing systems
  • 24 V low voltage
    - no special safety precautions necessary
    - simple speed controller optional
    - simple integration into existing systems
    - low power consumption with high transport capacity
  • use of high-quality material: stainless steel and aluminium
  • large selection of transport belts, also customised versions
  • good serviceability: conveyors integrated into existing automation systems can be easily disassembled
  • customised solutions available upon request

Please supply details of desired type of drive, height, width, length, speed and type of belt when making a specific enquiry or placing an order.