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Precision in a small format

Flexible conveyors

Middle drives with adjustable drive unit

Förderband mit MittenantriebWith their external motors, our conveyors with middle drives are exceptionally powerful, quick and run quietly. A unique production feature of this series is the flexibility of the drive unit, which can be moved along the entire length of the conveyor. This allows you to mount several independently running belts directly next to one another.

Your benefits

  • higher performance of conveyors with middle drives
  • conveyors can be integrated into any location in your existing automated system
  • flexible track distance: for example, a completely stand-alone conveyor can be integrated into the system every 20 mm
  • conveyors with middle drives can be arranged as desired, with and without a distance between them
  • more suitable conveyors for complex selection processes within your control system, e.g. quality grades: different belts directly mounted next to one another can run independently of each other
  • integrated controller technology with potentiometer: the speed can be directly adjusted from 2-20 m/min