Vetter small conveyor in a flexible overall system for separation

In our latest collaboration with Yuanda Robotics GmbH, we created a flexible overall system for separation with three other strong partners. Our small conveyor FR-40-200 with internal drive is used for precise and reliable feeding of small parts. Also included are the component separator VarioShaker 270 from Variobotic, the vacuum gripper from Schmalz and a 3D vision hardware and software solution from Roboception. At the center of the application is the industrial robot Yu from Yuanda Robotics in Hanover.

The collaborative robot (cobot) Yu can be easily and flexibly connected to other components - also with our small conveyor FR-40-200. The user interface impresses with its strong user-friendliness and easy programming. Desired processes and commands can be easily compiled using the software and are automatically translated into the required programming language. You can also integrate your own user interfaces from third-party components and operate them using the Yuanda software.

Integrating applications into a cobot has never been easier and the possible combinations are endless. The components not only fit together technically perfectly, they also make a visual highlight.

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