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Do you already have precise ideas about your conveyor and need a quotation? Simply fill out the form below in as much detail as possible. We need the mandatory fields (marked with a *) at least in order to be able to submit a quotation.

Dimensions conveyor

We need at least the centre distance - we will be able to select the housing width and height for you.

Transported goods

What should be transported? Precise information on the goods to be transported helps us to select the right conveyor belt for you and, depending on the weight load, the right motor.

Environmental conditions

The environment is decisive for the selection of the right series. Depending on the degree of soiling, we choose the suitable drive housing.

Transport speed

The possible speed depends on the weight load. The smaller this is, the faster we can transport. Please enter your desired speed.


Operating mode

The operating mode is just as important for the selection of the right conveyor.


Other (optional)


Your contact details

To prepare a quotation we need your full contact details.


Do you only need spare parts?

You can send your request about spare parts for your Vetter small conveyor on this page. Please have the project number ready.

Overview of small conveyors

Would you like to look around in our portfolio again? View all small conveyors in the overview.

Drive and control technology

Get more information about the drive and control technology (Vetter setpoint devices) on this page.

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