Maintenance & repair service


The gear motor, bevel gear or timing belt drive and ball bearings are maintenance-free.

In the sealed version (Q-A), the drive unit must be relubricated every month. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the conveyor belt so that the sealing ring is visible.
  2. Grease over the funnel lubrication nipple with a grease gun with a pointed mouthpiece for D-nipples (eg from Nagel, article 12003) until fresh grease emerges from the sealing lip.
  3. Remove excess grease and refit the conveyor belt.

The Vetter small conveyors and PU belts can be cleaned with various types of alcohol (isopropanol) or conventional detergent (diluted). Please always use for cleaning a damp cloth only; the small conveyor must not be soaked.

Spare parts

You already have a conveyor from us and would like to reorder spare parts?

For an offer we need the project number of your conveyor (where can I find the project number?), your contact details and the required spare parts with quantities. You can use the form below for this.

You are also welcome to take the exploded view from our documentation, mark required parts and upload them via the form.

Repair service

As required, we overhaul your Vetter conveyor and make the repairs at our site. In this case, please contact us:

Call +49 7348 967485-0 or send an email to


Prior to disassembly, safely disconnect the small conveyor from the mains! First ensure disconnection before you take the conveyor out of the machine.


Request spare parts

Optional: Upload order or exploded drawing from the documentation (please only PDF!)


Small conveyors

Already have a clear idea about the conveyor you want? Our product finder can help you find what you are looking for fast.



Conveyor belts

Our selection of conveyor belts is just as varied as our product range. Combine the appropriate belt with our conveyor models.



Setpoint devices

For speed control we also have suitable electronic setpoint devices in our range.



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