New business and production building in Westerstetten

Our new building in Westerstetten (only 5 km from the previous location) is in full swing. Our new business and production building with 1,400 square meters of usable space is being built on the site of over 8,000 square meters in Westerstetten's industrial area "Häuslesäcker West".

The assembly alone offers approx. 600 square meters for the production of our small conveyors including workshop, material warehouse, goods receipt and shipping. Another 800 square meters are available for offices, social rooms and as ancillary areas on the ground floor and basement.


Ecological and efficient

With the wooden stand construction from Baufritz, we focus on ecology and sustainability. A natural and healthy indoor climate is created through the use of pollutant-tested natural materials. The built-in heat pump technology with underfloor heating throughout the whole building ensures the right temperature in the most efficient way.


Intelligent building management

The built-in intelligent building management from Loxone ensures more comfort, security and energy efficiency. Among other things, it manages the automated control of optimal lighting, temperature and air quality - for a healthy and productive workplace for our employees. The system also manages and monitors access to the building.

Spacious social rooms including a relaxation room and a bicycle storage room with changing rooms and showers complement the work environment for our employees.

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  • Montage, Produktionshalle, Neubau Vetter Kleinförderbänder
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