Innovative management philosophy in times of crisis

We have now been in our new building in Westerstetten for three months and have settled in well. Who would have thought last year that the completion and moving in would be in the middle of a “crisis”. Despite lower incoming orders and occasional short-time work, we are in good spirits: we use the time to optimize our processes and grow together.

It is particularly important for us how we as a company, management and human deal with such a situation. We are happy to use methods from personality development. Elke Steinmann, Personal Manager at Vetter, is 50 % self-employed in the coaching area. As part of her coaching work, it`s her daily business to deal with major challenges when she supports people in seemingly hopeless situations. It was clear to us that this would give us an opportunity to get through the crisis well. Together as management at Vetter, we strengthen our employees during this time mentally, solely through our own inner security and attitude.

Three practical approaches of our management philosophy and how we support our team in times of crisis:

We do not use the word "alternative". We look for the possibilities that are available. It is important to gain the necessary distance and to look at things from different directions so that opportunities can be discovered at all.

Every “taboo” weakens the system. We maintain an open exchange with our employees about current events and what they mean for us. This creates clarity and strengthens us as a team.

Every employee has different backgrounds, experiences and needs. It is important for us to respond individually to needs, especially in times of crisis. This gives everyone the necessary security so that fear cannot spread at all.

Regardless of this, we support our employees in their strengths. Individual coachings are available to those who want to.